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Durdan's Park Primary School

PE & Sport Premium Grant

Durdans Park

The school is pleased to announce that it has gained the Silver School Games Kitemark for 2016/2017.

Sport Premium allocation 2018/2019

The school is pleased to announce for the 2018/2019 financial year we have been allocated £16,000.00 plus £10 per pupil.

The school is currently making plans as to what this money will be allocated too.  Once we have further information, we will post it here.

Sports Premium allocation 2017/2018

For the financial year 2017/2018 the school has been allocated £19,600 for the Sports Premium Grant.

Please use the link below to view the current Evidence of Impact for 2017/2018 and to view the current PE Wheel.

Evidencing The Impact Of Primary PE And Sport Premium Durdans Park Primary

Please use the link below to view the latest Expenditure Report for 2017/2018

PE Fund Expenditure Report - 2017 - 2018


Sports Premium allocation 2016/2017

The school has been allocated sports premium funding during the 2016/2017 financial year from the Government. This was to specifically enhance the PE provision within the school. The school bought into the Silver PE Service from Willow Tree PE Partnership.

The following document is a monitoring report on the progress, finance and  provision relating to PE within Durdan’s Park Primary School for 2016/2017:

Durdans Park Sports Premium Funding Impact And Spendings 2017

The following is the latest report of the success of PE provision within the school –

PE Report Durdan's Park September 2017

The following document is the schools Sport Partnership School Games Action Plan report September 2016/2017:

Durdans Park PE Action Plan - Sept 2017