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Durdan's Park Primary School

Coronavirus Updates

Durdans Park

Please see below for details of support services that can help to ensure that you and those around you stay safe during these challenging times.

Services For Parents


1st July 2020

Please find below the letter with details of the Year 4 return to school next week:

Return To School Year 4

Please find below a letter with details about Year 2 and Year 3 returning to school for some contact time before the end of the year.

Year 2 And 3 Return

26th June 2020

Please use the link below to access this weeks newsletter.

Newsletter 26.06

25th June 2020

Please find below a link to a letter regarding a return to school for a few days the week beginning 6th July for Year 4 children.  As requested in the letter, please respond to admin@durdans-park.ealing.sch.uk to let us know if you would like your child to return.

Year 4 Return

19th June 2020

Please use the link below for this weeks newsletter:

Newsletter 19.06

Parents/Carers of Year 1 and Reception children returning on Monday 22nd, please use the link below to view a video about what returning to school will be like:

Welcome back Year 1 and Reception

18th June 2020

Dear Parents/Carers

Please find below a letter about the school re-opening for Year 5.

Once you have read the letter please confirm by email whether you wish your child to return to school or not on Monday 29th June.

Kind Regards

Year 5 Return

16th June 2020

Dear Parents/Carers

As you are aware the school has re-opened for Year 6 children this week and will re-open for Year 1 and Reception on Monday 22nd June.  The Government has announced that they do not expect children in other year groups to return to school before September, unless the school feels that it has the capacity to do this.  As a school we would like to potentially open for other year groups if we have the rooms available and the staff available to teach.  In order for us to start looking at the possibility of re-opening we would be very grateful if you could please complete the survey, using the link below, to let us know if we were able to re-open some of our year groups whether you would send your child back to school.

Returning Survey

Many thanks

Mrs Morley

12th June 2020

Parents/Carers in Year 1 and Reception please use the link below regarding the re-opening of these year groups

Year 1 And Reception Re-opening

Parents/Carers please use the link below for this weeks newsletter to all families

Newsletter 12

11th June 2020

The link below is a video for your children to see what they will need to do when they return to school on Monday.

Welcome Back Year 6

We look forward to seeing them on Monday morning.

18th May 2020

Ms McNab and Miss Sloan have added a couple of videos to our YouTube Channel.

Story Time with MsMcNab

Story time with Ms McNab

Story time with Miss Sloan

15th May 2020

Please find below the link to this weeks newsletter

Parent Update 15.5

13th May 2020

Please find attached an update from Mr Duhig following recent information from the Government.

School Update 13.5

12th May  2020

Dear Parent/Carers,
We are looking for a better way to stay in contact with all our families during the Lockdown. We have decided to use Class Dojo to do this, some of your children will be familiar with this platform. Attached to this mail is a document showing you how you can connect with your child’s class teacher. It will also give your child the opportunity to stay in contact with their teacher and their peers as well as post some work that they may have done at home.
If you are having an issue with connect please contact your class teacher via the year group email.
Yours Sincerely,
Miss Selvarajah

Class Dojo - How To Create A Parent And Student Account

7th May 2020

Dear Parents/Carers

Please find attached this weeks newsletter.

We hope you all enjoy the bank holiday weekend.

Parent Update 8.5

This letter is only for children who purchase small group music tuition at school.

Dear Parents/Carers of children who currently have music tuition at school

Please find below a letter from the Ealing Music Service.  They are offering to continue lessons remotely.  The letter contains information on how to register and receive the lessons.

I hope you find this useful.

Kind Regards

Mr Griffiths

LETTER To Parents (Small Group Tuition)

30th April 2020

Please use the link below to access this weeks newsletter

Parent Update 1.5.20

Today, we have uploaded a video to our YouTube page of Miss Sloan reading a story.  We hope the children enjoy this.

Miss Sloan story time

28th April 2020

Dear Parents/Carers

We have updated our You Tube channel with a story read by Ms McNab.

Story Time

We hope the children, especially the younger one enjoy this.

24th April 2020

Please use the links below to read this weeks newsletter and a leaflet from the Schools Nursing Team:

Parent Update 24.4

Advice For Parents During Coronavirus - Ealing Nursing Team

Parent Mail Sent 21/04/20

Dear Parents/Carers

We have created an email address for each year group.

The email address for Nursery is Nursery@durdans-park.ealing.sch.uk

The email address for Reception is Reception@durdans-park.ealing.sch.uk

The email address for Year 1 is Year1@durdans-park.ealing.sch.uk

The email address for Year 2 is Year2@durdans-park.ealing.sch.uk

The email address for Year 3 is Year3@durdans-park.ealing.sch.uk

The email address for Year 4 is Year4@durdans-park.ealing.sch.uk

The email address for Year 5 is Year5@durdans-park.ealing.sch.uk

The email address for Year 6 is Year6@durdans-park.ealing.sch.uk

These emails are for the children, if they wish, to make contact with their teachers.  It would be lovely for the teachers to be sent pictures of any work or crafts that they have been doing at home.  The children do not have to do this, it is only if they wish too.  Please let the children know that teachers will respond to the emails when they can.  They may not be able to respond immediately.

These email addresses are only to used for this purpose.  Any queries or questions from parents must still be sent to admin@durdans-park.ealing.sch.uk.

Thank you

Parent Mail Sent – 9/4/20

Please use the link below to access A book about the Coronavirus.  This is a great book to explain the current situation and virus to children.  It may help them understand a little bit about what is going on at the moment.

Coronavirus - A Book For Children


The school has updated its policy list with an Appendix to our Safeguarding policy.  The appendix is called Covid 19 – School Closure Arrangements.

Information sent – 7/4/20

Dear Parents/Carers

Ealing Early Start 0-19 Children’s Services Health Visitors & School Health Team Duty Line

Please use link below:

Flyer To Schools - School Nursing Team

Information 30/03/2020

The West London Islamin Centre has contacted people to let them know how they are responding to this Covid 19 Emergency.  Please see below:

‘the West London Islamic Centre, Ealings largest Mosque in association with Salma Food Bank is providing free food packs and support to local elderly and self-isolated families in need. Please call or text 07767 164246, a food parcel will be delivered to your door step’.  You can see more information on their website: