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Durdan's Park Primary School

Coronavirus Updates

Durdans Park

Please see below for details of support services that can help to ensure that you and those around you stay safe during these challenging times.

Services For Parents


Update – 3/4/2020

A newsletter has been sent via Parent Mail with an attachment to all parents today.  To view the newsletter and attachment please use the links below:

Parent Update 3


Information 30/03/2020

The West London Islamin Centre has contacted people to let them know how they are responding to this Covid 19 Emergency.  Please see below:

‘the West London Islamic Centre, Ealings largest Mosque in association with Salma Food Bank is providing free food packs and support to local elderly and self-isolated families in need. Please call or text 07767 164246, a food parcel will be delivered to your door step’.  You can see more information on their website:



Update – 27/3/20

Dear Parents/Carers

We hope that you are all well and are coping with the difficult circumstances. Please remember that there is information on the school website about where you can access support if you need it over the coming weeks.  www.durdans-park.co.uk  This information is on the link regarding Coronavirus Information on the home page.

All children have been provided with packs of work that they can complete at home and there is additional information on the school website under the “Our Children” Tab and scroll down to the “Distance Learning” page.  However, we do not expect children to be sat down completing worksheets from 9.00 until 3.30 each day. Many of you may be trying to work from home yourselves and may have limited time to work with your children each day. Please also try and give them time to play outside if they have access to a garden, draw, colour, make things, read and play games. They may also enjoy cooking with you or helping you do different jobs around the house.

The school office telephone number will not be monitored on a regular basis.  If you wish to contact the school in an emergency there is a telephone number on the website.  This telephone number must not be used for general enquiries but only emergencies, you will need to leave a message and we will respond to messages appropriately.  If you have any general enquiries please email the school on admin@durdans-park.ealing.sch.uk.

This is a very confusing time for all of us, but many children will be struggling with the changes to their normal routines. The most important thing over the coming weeks is that they feel safe and secure and that they have someone to talk to if they are worried about anything.

Yours faithfully,

Mr C Duhig

Head Teacher