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Durdan's Park Primary School


Music at Durdan’s Park Primary School is an inclusive activity for all pupils from Nursery to Year 6. Pupils receive specialist tuition in the subject from Year 1 onwards. The scheme of work provides children with the opportunity to compose, perform, appraise and develop their appreciation of this subject and learn about the key elements of Music.

Singing lies at the heart of music tuition at Durdan’s Park and all children regularly sing together, be it in class music lessons, assemblies or end of term productions.

Facilities are of a very high standard with a well-resourced dedicated teaching room. Standard notation is taught as part of the curriculum from the outset and all children are given the opportunity to regularly play musical instruments.  Children are also given the opportunity to listen and appraise a wide range of music from many different genres be this in class music lessons or music that the children listen to in assemblies.

Pupils are encouraged to learn a musical instrument with teachers from Ealing Music Service from Year 3 onwards.  Instrumental tuition is currently available in guitar, flute, clarinet and saxophone.  All pupils learn to play the recorder in Year 5 as part of the National Curriculum’s whole school ensemble tuition.  Recorder tuition is then furthered in Year 6 in a lunchtime club if children wish to continue to learn.

Music Skills And Progression