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Durdan's Park Primary School

Overview of curriculum

Durdans Park

Durdan’s Park Primary School follows the programmes of study from The National Curriculum for the Foundation Subjects, which includes History, Geography, Science, Religious Education, PSHE, Computing, Physical Education, Art, Design and Technology, Music and Modern Foreign Languages.

The aim of our curriculum is to create: Critical and Analytical Thinkers who become Global Citizens.

Over the last 2 years, we have been developing our children to become Assessment Capable Learners, through the Visible Learning Programme.

We are a Visible Learning school and the major priority for the next 2 years is to develop our curriculum to be rich so that our learners become  highly reflective and evaluative and question the world that they live in. .

We are using tools from the Visible Learning Programme, including the use of SOLO Taxonomy, whereby children’s thinking and learning is taken from surface to deep through the process of knowing and relating one thing to many, then being able to relate and extend their learning.

We are applying this to our themes across the curriculum, exploring connections between local, national and global issues, ethical/moral dilemmas and British Values.

An example of this is within the Year 5 topic ‘Rainforests’, which explores the impact of deforestation locally and globally, compared to the dilemma of supporting the livelihoods of local people.