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Durdan's Park Primary School

Religious Education

At Durdan’s Park Primary School we follow the Ealing Agreed Syllabus, Sowing the Seeds of the Future which has been approved by the local SACRE Committee.

In Key Stage 1, the children study integrated topics which examine aspects of several different religions. For example, in Special Foods, the children explore food beginning with their own experience of eating food for special occasions and extend this to looking at special food eaten in the Sikh, Muslim, Hindu and Jewish faiths.

This approach is continued in Key Stage Two. However, each year group also studies a religion in more detail. In addition, all the children have the opportunity to discover about a major festival as part of their preparation for our faith assemblies.

We aim to promote children’s spiritual and moral wellbeing and foster mutual respect for different faiths.


Each Year group has a timetable slot of curriculum time of between 45 minutes and an hour. This equates to approximately 6 hours over a half term. RE is taught in a variety of ways. The children have access to different resources ranging from books to statues and other religious artefacts such as a Seder Plate and a Quran Stand. Children are invited to make comparisons with their own experiences. Teachers also encourage children to use skills from other subjects, notably Literacy, to express what they have learned.

Please see RE Curriculum Map for the range of topics and recommended links to Literacy.

RE Curriculum Map


Each unit has suggestions for assessment. This identifies Key Goals and differentiated outcomes for children. Here is an example from the Festival of Light unit (Year 3).

At the end of this unit, most pupils will:

  • •Understand that different religions celebrate a festival of light.
  • •Identify some of the stories connected to the festivals.
  • •Name some of the artefacts associated with the festivals.

Some pupils will have made less progress and will:

  • Name some of the stories and artefacts associated with festivals of light.

Some pupils will have made more progress and will:

  • Understand that different religions celebrate a festival of light.
  • •Identify the religions for each festival.
  • •Understand that some of the stories have a moral issue, such as the conflict between good and evil.

We follow the statutory requirement of reporting children’s progress on RE.

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