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Durdan's Park Primary School

General information

Contact Details

All parents are asked to complete a contact detail form. It is very important that we have accurate and up to date details of addresses and contact telephone numbers so that we can quickly locate parents or nominated adults if children are ill or have had an accident.

Please ensure that you have also completed a parent mail form giving the school your email address and mobile telephone number – this will allow us to communicate with you via the parent mail system.

Please notify the school office of any changes to personal details.

School Hours

Nursery 8:45 – 11:45 12:30 – 15:30
Reception/KS1 8:55 – 12:00 13:00 – 15:30
KS2 8:55 -– 12:05 13:05 –- 15:30

It is very important that children attend school regularly. All absences are monitored by the school’’s Education Welfare Officer. We ask that all parents ring the school as soon as possible on the day of their child’s illness. Should a call not have been received by 10.00 the school Administration Assistant will ring home to check the reasons for the child’’s absence.

These systems help the school keep track of authorised and unauthorised absence.

Holidays in term time

Holidays in term time are not allowed as time away from school can affect your child’’s education.


Pupils should arrive in the playground no earlier than 08.45. The school operates a soft start policy, where children may enter the classroom from 8.50am – 8.55am. Any children arriving after this time will have to enter the school by the main door and will be marked in the register as late.


School finishes at 15.30. Please collect your children promptly from the classroom door.


We expect all our children to show respect and kindness for each other and each other’s property, their teachers, the school building and everyone associated with the school. We encourage this through good example, careful supervision and reminders of simple school rules that are there to make our school a happy and safe place for everyone.

Any problems with work or behaviour are dealt with immediately in school. However, if we feel that the problem has not been resolved we will alert parents to the difficulties and discuss how your child can be helped to overcome the problem.

Rewards are an essential element of school life and to raising self-esteem. This is the key to all learning. We focus on a system of rewards and raising pupil self-esteem.

We use:

  • Certificates for good behaviour, quality work and high attendance
  • Stamps and stickers
  • Verbal praise
  • Team points
  • Assemblies – Good work, team points
  • Sharing work with the Head Teacher
  • Sharing work with parents.

Child protection

The welfare of your children is paramount both inside and outside the school hours. If any marks, bruising or burns are found on any of our pupils bodies these will be recorded and investigated immediately. Any signs of neglect, emotional or sexual abuse will be reported immediately to the Local Education Authorities Social Services Department.

Medication and sickness

We have a fully equipped and comfortable Medical room. This room is also used by our school nurse when she visits. We have several designated First Aiders in the school who deal with minor cuts and bruises. If your child should become unwell at school we will contact you immediately to ask you to collect her/him.

All accidents are recorded in an accident book with more serious ones being reported to the Local Education Authority. If your child gets a bump on the head during school time you will be informed either by telephone or by a note sent home with the pupil.

Parents are asked not to send a sick child to school or with medication to be administered, since the school is unable to administer it except if it is for asthma, allergies or diabetes. In this case the child’s name and dosage must be clearly written on the original container along with a letter of authorisation from the parent. The parent/carer will be required to complete a Care Plan in some instances and return this to the school.

When children start school an admission form is completed giving family details and contact numbers. We must have a telephone number where a parent, a close friend or neighbour can be contacted in the event of illness or accidents. The school must always be notified of any changes in relation to the above.

Health and safety

During the hot summer months it is advisable to send your child to school with a sun hat to protect them from the sun’s harmful rays. Application of a high factor sun cream or block is also advised. Please ensure that your children bring a bottle of water with them to school every day.

Lunchtime options

There are three options for lunchtime arrangements:

  • Children may have a hot school meal. A vegetarian alternative is available.
  • Children may bring a packed lunch from home. Water should accompany the lunch. No fizzy drinks or chocolate bars please.
  • Children may go home for lunch and return for the afternoon session.

Please ask at the School Office for the current cost of school meals.

Communication with parents

Over the course of the year there are three formal occasions where parents can meet to discuss and review their child’s progress. These meetings held each term for parents to be informed about what their child will be learning over the term.

Written reports are issued for each child at the end of the Summer Term.

Parents are encouraged to visit the school as soon as they have registered their child.

We encourage parents to participate fully in the life of the school. Parental help is always appreciated.